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Load Balancing and FailOver

>Load Balancing & Failover

Keep your website live all the time

Multiple servers? Forget the server farm as part of the package we provide Layer 7 Load Balancing & Failover, Data Center Failover (DR) and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) directly from the cloud, with advanced & real time health monitoring and notifications.


How it works?

Data center failover

Web Server Protect's service supports automatic failover between primary and secondary sites to enable high availability and accelerate disaster recovery. As soon as the service detects that the primary site has gone down, it automatically kick-starts your standby data center (only for entreprise plan customers).

Global server load balancing

For companies using several data centers, this service provides high availability and consistent performance for application and websites. The large CDN behind Web Server Protect gives to your website the most efficient load balancing you can imagine for your website.

Real-time dashboard

Real time monitoring enables you to follow traffic on your website and check if it is well balanced between servers. You are also able to identify potential issues and correct them before your website is impacted.

Stop attacks before they reach your servers.

Protect your website.

Stop the attacks before they reach your server.