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Global CDN and Web Performance Optimiser

Improve your web performance significantly

Global CDN & Web Performance OptimizerOur global CDN is the platform through which we deliver our enterprise grade security and performance services. Comprised of a worldwide distributed network, our application aware CDN boosts website performance through the use of advanced caching and optimization techniques. Websites are, on average, 50% faster and consume 60% less server bandwidth.


How it works?


CDN & Content Caching

Web Server Protect is using a rich network of data centers that deliver full site acceleration. Located all around the world, this CDN has in average fantastic results: 50% faster and 40% to 70% of bandwidth saved. This CDN also has some intelligent content caching technologies which participates in the acceleration of your website.

web performance improvement thanks to our servers' network
Web performance through bot protection

Content optimization

Web Server Protect uses some content optimization such as: removing unnecessary characters, compressing images & session optimization to reduce latency significantly.

Stop the attacks before they reach your server.