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About Us

With the proliferation of various web-based applications, web-threats of all forms are also skyrocketing, thus, keeping your website safe and data secured is already becoming  a business necessity. To protect your business’ interest is to save your clients from phishers, spammers and hackers.

More than defacing your website, hackers use your site’s back-end database as email conduits for messages malicious in nature or set up temporary server to save phishing spams.Interactive Partners, a Sydney- based technical company developed Web Server Protect (web application firewall software) to prevent all kinds of hacking and attacks before they reach your servers.
  • Web Server Protect, one of Interactive Partners’ flagship, is a cloud based service which filters traffic to your website. Unique site visitors get content loaded faster via the service content delivery network while hackers, bots and spammers are blocked. The service is using a state of the art technology tracing every piece of traffic of your site to ensure complete peace of mind.

Stop attacks before they reach your servers.

Protect your website.

Stop the attacks before they reach your server.