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How WebServerProtect works, what does it do?

Firstly, let us dissuade you from thinking your IT department, your hardware firewall or your hosting company does this for you. You hardware firewall doesn't block attacks that appeared anytime after they were first deployed however long ago that was, the IT guys do not have the time to be constantly watching the latest outbreaks and reacting in time and your hosting company makes more money the more traffic you have, so none of these will work. We know cause we used to think the same way, until we had to do 3 site recoveries in 24 hours about 5 years ago. Anyway what does work?

This does :

  • First we re-route your traffic (this is a simple DNS change which takes about 5 minutes, you can do or we can do for you) into a worldwide network of servers filtering traffic
  • Using intelligent algorithms, the system watches for known attacks like SQL injection, troublesome bots and comment machines which spam your server and known vulnerabilities
  • Anytime anything like this is detected, we simple dump the traffic into a black hole, not even coming close to your web server
  • So your site or network only gets the good guys (your visitors, customers and partners)  
  • All these scumbags (pointing at the bad guys) end up in the Bit Bucket, neatly ensureing your server is protected
  • A nice side effect of this is your server has to handle less bad traffic (in some cases over 60% of the traffic) and has more time to load speedy pages to your visitors
  • It’s a real win win, the people you want get better results and the scum bags cut off at the pass


To start with Web Server Protect, we need you to subscribe first either by Mastercard or Visa. If no monthly invoices are more convenient for you, give us a call and we can arrange a customized paying schedule
The service works thanks to a simple change to your website DNS records (no hardware or software is required), your website traffic will be automatically routed through our network of high powered servers. Incoming traffic is intelligently profiled in real-time, blocking the latest web threats and thwarting triple-digit gigabit DDoS attacks. In the mean time, outgoing traffic is accelerated and optimized with Webserver Protect's global CDN, for faster load times.
Web Server Protect is designed to be plugged on any website and protect it from all kind of external attack. If you have several domains to protect, no problem you can do it from your account and benefit from our special pricing offers according to the number of domains you need to protect. Indeed, the second domain will be charged -20% and the third domain -50% (for the third only). If you have more than 5 domains to protect, contact us to arrange a customized pricing plan.
Web ServerProtect has been designed to be very easy to set up on any website. After your subscription, a simple DNS change will route your traffic into our cloud based solution which blocks all kind of cyber-attacks and accelerate the traffic on your website. There is no hardware or software to install or maintain and you can keep your current hosting provider.
We believe support is very high value for such service and aim at providing quick assistance for every customer. Whatever the solution you subscribe to, support community is always part of the package. With the Business Plan & Business Plus Plan package, you have an assistance by e-mail five days a week and with the enterprise plan package you have an assistance available 24/7 by phone or e-mail if necessary.
3 packages are available with Web Server Protect: Business Plan - Business Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan. These 3 packages offer different levels of protection & customization to suit all your website's needs. Business Plan package is available for 49$ and Business Plus Plan is available for 199$. Concerning the Enterprise Plan package, price is set after a call regarding the level of customization you want. Don't hesitate to contact us or read the page dedicated to the details of the different packages.
Credit Card is the only accepted means of payment. Any kind of standard credit card is accepted so that you can automatically pay your monthly investment and get your website fully protected.
Web Server Protect is a simple external tool that will protect your website from cyber-attacks and help your website load faster. So, no extra installation is needed. A simple change in DNS on your website will route your traffic in our cloud based solution and your website will be protected.
Web Server Protect is a service that works on a monthly basis. Each month, your bank account is directly debited from the amount of your subscription. Thus, your website will continuously be protected against all kind of cyber-attacks. Want to unsubscribe? No problem, just click on the "unsubscribe" button in "my account" dashboard to unplug Web Server Protect from your Website.
Web Server Protect is an external service that filters traffic on your website. There is no intrusion in your server so this will work with every technology you are using (PHP, .net...etc.).
The large network of data centers that is behind Web Server Protect service provides full site acceleration up to 50% faster and 70% of bandwidth saved. Some other techniques such as content caching or content optimization will help your website to load faster.
Yes. Webserver Protect collects and displays traffic data in real-time, enabling immediate detection and response to DDoS attacks. Being able to respond in seconds rather than minutes is critical for effective mitigation. The true real-time monitoring capabilities of Webserver Protect give you live visibility into incoming traffic streams, with detailed information about suspicious visitors and unusual behavior. In addition, once an attack is detected, the custom rules engine lets you create and propagate security rules within seconds for reacting to advanced DDoS vectors or customer-specific requirements. Rule propagation can take up to one hour using other so-called “real-time” DDoS Protection services.
Your website is running well without any protection? Well, you have been lucky so far! Every year, over 400 millions people are concerned by cyber-attacks and it is only a question of time before your website is attacked. Cyber-attacks can have dramatic consequences for your website and cost you a lot of money. This is why you would better think about protecting your website in order to run it with peace of mind.
Web Server Protect aims at protecting your website against all kind of attackers. Hackers, bots, scrapers, spammers not even one of these threat can reach your website once you have installed Web Server Protect' firewall.
Web Server Protect uses brand new technology to ensure that your website is fully protected at any time. Even if hackers and other cyber-attackers keep improving their intrusion techniques, the regular updates made on Web Server Protect should give your website the maximum level of security. Be safe, we take care of the protection of your website! However, you have to be aware that a few hackers always set up new advanced techniques that may reach your protected website. 100% protection does not exist, but you would better be protected 99% of the time than 0%.
100% protection does not exist unfortunately. The Web Application Firewall can not cover all risk and your website may still have some weaknesses. Social engineering and password compromises are for instance one of the risk that you can not hedge with Web Server Protect.
Web Server Protect' service is external to your website and act as a traffic filter only, blocking spammers, bots and hackers. We never provide your account details to anyone and our only purpose is to provide you website content to visitors.

Stop the attacks before they reach your server.