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Robust Web Security Protection
Solutions To Reinforce Trust in Online Privacy Security and Transaction


WebServerProtect provides complete suite of web server security solutions
that detect and secure against web application threats.

Why use WebServerProtect



Comprehensive Web Server Security against Internet Of Things’ (Iot) Vulnerabilities


Our cloud-based protection platform, an enhanced web application firewall (WAF) provides unrivalled web application security solution which proactively mitigates all forms of website attacks. It stops cybercriminals from stealing your valuable data assets and prevents data breaches that threaten your business survival.

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Heightened Protection against Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) Attacks


Availability of your website is fundamental to your business success and longevity. WebServerProtect protects your website against all types of DDoS attacks including network, protocol and application level attacks. Our global network capacity can mitigate any size attack that comes your way. The service automatically detects and blocks DDoS attacks with dedicated 24/7 NOC and enterprise-grade uptime SLA even when under attack.

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Boosted Caching and Accelerated proxy capabilities using GLOBAL CDN OPTIMIZER


Our global CDN platform utilizes advanced caching and optimisation techniques to minimize your website’s page rendering thereby giving your customers an uncompromised user-experience. Comprised of a worldwide distributed network, CDN boosts website performance, on average, 50% faster and consume 60% less server bandwidth.

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24/7 Uptime on Website through Load Balancing & Failover


Keeping your website live, up and running all the time will define your business success. We recognise the importance of high availability thus we packaged Layer 7 Load Balancing & Failover, Data Center Failover (DR) and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) directly from the cloud, with advanced & real time health monitoring and notifications.


From a COMPROMISED Website



  • Identify Security Threats
  • Conduct thorough checks
  • Report on Identified Attacks



  • Deploy protection platform
  • Employ DDOS Protection
  • Add WebServerProtect Firewall (WAF)
  • Configure Optimisation and Performance (CDN)


  • Render Professional Security Response
  • Remove viruses, malwares, infections, worms, Trojans
  • Continuous Scanning Alerting Engine and Monitoring

You now have a Secured Website

Stop the attacks before they reach your server.